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‘Green Treasure Hunt’ by Chrissie Decker 


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‘Green Treasure Hunt’ was a walking, cycling and scooting trail, featuring five strategically placed ‘street pockets’, or installations, illustrating each of Bristol 2015’s five Green Capital themes. These artworks were designed to enhance the routes, create debate about public space and signpost information about local green initiatives and organisations. At each ‘street pocket’, participants found clues for 10 other hidden miniature installations dotted along the way. The project encouraged residents to discover new routes and explore community projects both physically and online.

Chrissie Decker is a professional artist and photographer and is well versed at community engagement. In recent years she has been working to support causes that bring about positive change, with a particular focus on active travel.

  • Worked with 27 local artists and project partners
  • Delivered a month long arts trail
  • Trail participants at 600 people – many delighted in the installations

For more information on Green Treasure Hunt: Check out the Website 

“The whole route just felt like such a positive statement about the environment and Bristol as 2015 Green Capital.” Participant.








***NEWS UPDATE***   15th September

Please take a few mins to let us know what you thought.

Did you do the Green Treasure Hunt? What did you think?

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***NEWS UPDATE*** 10th September

After a wonderfully active summer of cycling and walking (despite the traditionally terrible weather), the BCR Green Treasure Hunt will now come to a close at the end of this week.

But if you missed it , don't panic. There will be one last chance to see all the 'street pockets' together in the same place at The Horfield Common Festival of Nature.

Come along from 10am to 2pm at the Ardagh in the centre of Horfield Common, and join us for the grand finale!

***NEWS UPDATE*** 19th August 2015

Chrissie (artist): "It is great to see people walk past the planted car and smile to themselves"
Susan Millington: "I didn't even know about the lovely route to get from Bishopston to St Werburghs City Farm, it is a really pleasant journey."

***NEWS UPDATE*** 5th August 2015

Check out the great photos by Frances Gard at the bottom of the page.

Photo: Frances Gard

***NEWS UPDATE*** 27th July 2015

Read about the project in The Post.

***NEWS UPDATE*** 22nd July 2015

The background story of Green Treasure Hunt:

It was during a study tour of the Netherlands organised by Bristol Cycling Campaign that Chrissie vowed to be a catalyst for change.  “It was towards the end of the trip, cycling along a path between two neighbouring towns” she explains “I was thinking about some roads back home and how I accepted them, because that is just how they are.  It became very clear to me then, that we should start questioning how things are and exploring ways of how they could be.”

Upon returning, Chrissie went along to her local Neighbourhood Partnership to see how she could get involved on a local level.  She listened to people concerned about road safety, social isolation, air pollution and the ever worsening congestion on our roads.  She heard residents calling for better provision for pedestrians, separate cycling routes, better public transport and more pleasant and safer streets.  “It struck me that we were all after the same thing, to encourage walking, cycling and use of public transport in order to strengthen our communities, to lessen our dependence on cars and to reclaim some of the priority to people over cars.”  She goes on to say that “I am not anti-car, it is a perfectly valid form of transport but it is not the only form of transport.  We need to broaden our thinking.”

With this in mind, Chrissie set out to find ways of engaging people in the process of questioning the status quo and when she spotted a flyer promoting the Bristol 2015 Neighbourhood Arts Programme, a seed was planted.  It is from that seed that the 'Green Treasure Hunt' for Bishopston, Cotham and Redland has grown.  

Starting on 1st August and running for six weeks, the treasure hunt will take you on a journey of discovery woven around green spaces and independent shopping streets.  Five pop-up 'Street Pockets' and ten hidden art works will form the framework of the route that guides you around the quietest streets and traffic free paths in our neighbourhood.  “The venture is a result of ideas and input from lots of inspiring local people” Chrissie admits “and the end result will reflect the work of local groups who are vital in making it all happen.”

Watch the venture evolve on Facebook and Twitter @GreenTreasure15 or go to to download your treasure map when it is published later this month.

***NEWS UPDATE*** 16th July 

Not long now till the launch of Green Treasure Hunt - 1st August. Look out for the map in all your local shops or visit

***NEWS UPDATE*** 13th July 

Sneak peak at the trail...

***NEWS UPDATE*** June 2015

Starting on 1st August and running for six weeks, the treasure hunt will take you on a journey of discovery, woven around the green spaces and independent shopping streets on our doorstep. Five pop-up 'Street Pockets' and ten hidden art works will form the framework of the route, that guides you around the quietest streets and traffic free paths in our neighbourhood.

Here is an interview with the driving force behind the project, Chrissie Decker. 

What is the aim of the project?

CD: “It is to encourage residents to explore their local 'green treasures'.  To inspire people to try active travel and discover the most pleasant routes to get around.  I am hoping that people discover something that can become part of their future daily life.”

Who is delivering the project?

CD:  “The venture is a result of ideas and input from lots of inspiring local people and the end result will reflect the work of local groups who are vital in making it all happen.  I am the facilitator, whose job it is to engage the various community groups to express what they would like to see happen and help them to realise it.”

What type of art will we see?

CD:  “There is a real mix which is more 'outsider art' than 'fine art'.  It will be playful, some of it created by communities and some by individuals but most of all it is designed to inspire, to make people think - how could it be if things were different?”  The street pockets will explore each of the themes of Green capital: energy, food, nature, resources and transport.”

How will the Treasure Hunt work?

“It is a clockwise, circular route, 14km in total, which can be picked up and dropped off at any point along the way.  It is designed to be a summer holiday activity that can be done whenever and at whatever pace you like.  Some people may do it all in one day but I imagine that most will take a number of days or may complete only some of the sections.  It is very flexible.”

Where do I get a treasure map from?

“The map will be on-line at where you will be able to sign up to log your finds, post pictures and uncover clues for the hidden art-works.  The website will also list the local shops and cafes that will stock the printed fold out map.”

The cycling routes are on road and many people aren't confident cycling with children on the road, is this a family friendly activity?

“Absolutely, yes.  We have designed the route very carefully to avoid busy roads and difficult junctions.  It is important however to be aware of how to keep your family safe when you ride with them.  For anyone lacking experience or confidence, we strongly recomend that you take advantage of the free adult and family cycling training on offer from Bristol City Council.  Go to to book your free session at a convenient location near you.”

Watch the venture evolve on Facebook at BCR Green Treasure and Twitter @GreenTreasure15

Background information on the project;

What will a neighbourhood arts project look like for Bishopston, Cotham & Redland?

  • The project has been shaped from what we heard from individual residents, community groups and local businesses.

What’s happened so far?

Since September 2014 we’ve been consulting people living in the neighbourhood area to find out:

  • what issues need addressing in terms of the green agenda
  • particular areas that would be great to have an arts project
  • specific community groups or members of the community an artist, maker or facilitator should work with – ie schools, unemployed or older people

How have we engaged with this area? Well, we’ve…

  • talked at the neighbourhood partnership and local forum meetings
  • been working closely with Bristol City Council’s Neighbourhood & Community Development teams
  • met with community leaders, groups and individuals
  • been busy on social media
  • left flyers in community buildings
  • held a public consultation meeting on the 15th January on Whiteladies Road
  • held a Creative Brainstorming drop in session on Saturday 7th March for artists to talk to the NAP team

What are the next steps?

“I’m a creative Bristolian and I’d like to get involved.”

Want to know more? Feel you could volunteer?

Get in touch –

Follow the neighbourhood arts project on Facebook

Photos: Green Treasure Hunt

Green Treasure Hunt Finale