Bristol's urban food growing trail

The Urban Food Growing Trail is a collaborative project that aims to bring food growing to the centre of the community. Featuring Incredible Edible Bristol, Grow Bristol, and Bee the Change, the project consists of a creative trail of gardens throughout the city.

turning [...] areas of wasteland into areas of beauty and productivity

Funded by a Bristol 2015 strategic grant, the trail starts at Cedar Road, runs past Temple Meads, along Redcliffe Way, and into Millennium Square.

The project’s aim is to inspire and educate, showing people that food is relevant to our urban landscape by turning these areas of wasteland into areas of beauty and productivity. 

The gardens differ in approach and produce, from rose beds, to permaculture gardens, to fruit gardens, and a new edible park. 

The public can help themselves to the produce that grows in the gardens whenever they please.

Right now there are beans, kohlrabi, herbs, and kale at 100 Temple Street and Millennium Square, and edible flowers at Thomas Chatterton’s Garden.

Incredible Edible Bristol, Grow Bristol, and Bee the Change will all be in the Bristol 2015 Lab Space at harbourside this weekend sharing information about how to engage with your community and the benefits of locally grown and sourced food.

Incredible Edible Bristol

 a vision of Bristol as the UK’s first edible city

A Twitter conversation between professional horticulturist and gardener Sara Venn and human rights and environmental scholar Anna Grear in 2014 quickly developed into a vision of Bristol as the UK’s first edible city.

Their first meeting attracted interest from more than 100 individuals and since then the numbers have only increased, with a hardworking and dedicated team planting and growing delicious food all over Bristol for people to take as they please.

Incredible Edible Bristol will be at the Bristol 2015 Lab Space on harbourside on 5 and 6 September offering information for those who are interested to start, join, share, or give. 

Photo: Incredible Edible Bristol

Grow Bristol and 91 Ways

the power of food to bring people together

Grow Bristol is a new urban farming enterprise developing innovative and sustainable ways of growing food in the city.

Their "grow pod" – an urban aquaponic growing system which enables year-long locally-sourced fresh fish and vegetables  moves around many of the gardens on the trail. 

91 Ways uses the power of food to bring people together, to help them communicate better and be heard. 

There are ninety-one languages spoken in Bristol.

Grow Bristol and 91 Ways will be in the Lab Space on Saturday 5 September at 2:30pm demonstrating how to prepare and cook tilapia grown in the aquaponics system. 

Photo: Grow Bristol

Bee the Change

connecting people to nature

Bee the Change is a social enterprise tackling the pollination crisis by connecting people to nature and encouraging a holistic understanding of the environment through bee conservations.

Bee the Change are part of the Urban Food Growing Trail and are putting beehives along the trail for the community to run.

One is already at Grow Bristol, and one will be in the new Incredible Edible garden at Quakers Burial Ground.

Bee the Change will be demonstrating live honey harvesting at the Lab Space at 12:00pm on Sunday 6 September.

Photo: Bee the Change