Two Neighbourhood Arts events to check out this weekend

Try your hand at building bird feeders, playing pin-ball made from rubbish, and contributing to your community.

This weekend sees the climax of two Neighbourhood Arts projects for you to get involved in (see the green boxes below to find out how).

In Ashley, Easton, and Lawrence Hill, Mufti Games will reveal their fun and creative response to waste; and in Greater Bedminster, the Ashton Vale Hub will celebrate a successful summer for the community.  

Mufti Games

During this Green Capital year, Mufti Games have met with local residents and worked with young people to convert a large, communal bin into an interactive playable game station. 

The completed “Transforma-bin” is part pinball machine and par marble-run, built around a model of the streets that inspired them.

Photo: Priormade

Find out more about the Ashley, Easton, and Lawrence Hill event and how to get involved this weekend.

Over the weekend, the “Bin-stallation” will tour fly-tipping hotspots in the neighbourhood and will challenge people’s behaviour around antisocial waste.

Mufti Games’ Simon Day says:

“Bristol's communal bins have come up time and time again in our research into fly tipping and antisocial waste… We're also really interested in how something communal can become a problem for the community, how something for everyone becomes a big problem hiding in plain sight. 

“We want to draw attention to this by turning something unloved, abused and ignored, into a fun, gathering place that brings people together to play a game that encourages us to see our neighbourhoods and our waste in a different way.”

On Saturday 3 October Transforma-bin will tour Barton Hill and St Pauls. 

It will role between play areas and fly-tipping hotspots offering people a chance to play the game and talk to Mufti about the issues that affect them. 

On Sunday 4 October Transforma-bin will be based at Baggator Young People’s Centre as part of their “Fun Palace” weekend, a free celebration of community, bringing people together with arts and sciences.

Transforma-bin will then exist as a fun, learning resource for schools and clubs in the area.  

Ashton Vale Hub

The Ashton Vale Hub has been bringing together people of all ages from Greater Bedminster. 

After an action-packed summer of community events, they are celebrating their success on Saturday 3 October.

A whole range of activities will be available for local residents to get involved in, including bird feeder making, wild walks, art workshops, and a street party, making the day an all-inclusive, community event.

Find out more about the Great Bedminster event and how to get involved this weekend.

During this year, artist Elise Hurcombe has consulted and worked with local residents to programme a range of community activities inspired by the Green Capital theme ‘Nature’. 

From a weekly Community Café offering arts workshops, to a gardening group, to street art installations with the youth club, there has been a whole variety of things for people to get involved with.  

Each of the activities has been really well received, with over 540 people taking part in all.

While the AV Hub has been running this summer, the community centre has seen a significant increase in bookings and the Youth Club, which faced possible closure earlier this year, is now thriving.

One Ashton Vale father said, “There is great potential to build long-term links and connections. It has created a great hub for local issues.” 

Local residents have now come together to keep the Community Café going on a monthly basis – a testament to the programme’s success this year.