Bristol's 'One day: Day One' strategic grant project launches

'One day: Day One - Resilience' is a participatory artwork supported by Bristol 2015, which explores resilience in an innovative form and is set to pop up across sixteen locations in Bristol throughout the summer.


Photo: Leslie Kuban

Local artist Sara Zaltash is working closely with the Schumacher Institute to bring the idea of a resilient Bristol to life. The creative project will launch in the city today (28 May 2015) with a preview event at the Bristol 2015 Lab.

Following the launch, the artwork - a light-footed pop up 'geodesic dome' - will travel across Bristol from June to September 2015. 

This project will allow people to hear what the resilient voices in the city are saying and encourage resilient thinking

The exterior of the dome will be illustrated with a 'future' Bristol, affected by various environmental, technological, commercial and social changes. 

Its interior would be a light and neutral space to encourage reflection. 

Sara Zaltash explains:

"The dome is an illustrated, imaginative, provocative panorama that brings in a lot of different forecasts organisations have made in terms of the ways we use energy, transport, food production, and the way we work and play. 

Once people step inside the dome, they will be able to answer different questions such as what they think the world's going to be like one day and then what they will do on its day one.

They will be able to record their responses in a short video of no more than sixty seconds and these could be anything from wanting to grow their own vegetables to taking a canoe to school because the area is flooded."

Sara Zaltash, Lead Artist of the Project

The videos will be geotagged via google maps and be uploaded on YouTube as well as the project's website

A collection of these will then be presented to Bristol bi-weekly, online and monthly in public exhibition spaces across the city such as in Millennium Square. 

The gallery will also be available online for viewing worldwide, which will reinforce Bristol's status as one of Rockefeller’s 100 Resilient Cities Network.

Sara Zaltash looks forward to the project launch and says:

"The aim of the dome is to help people be resilient and bounce back from different shocks and stresses that come along in future.

I believe the best way to do this is to be more connected as the more you're connected to people, to organisations, to activity, the best chance you have of being able to bounce back and that's what I’ve been working with on this project."

For more information, visit the project website.