First Neighbourhood Arts projects announced & 8 more creative commissions now online

Since September 2014, the Bristol 2015 neighbourhood arts team has been consulting with residents and community groups across the city to find out what a local art project might look like. The first 6 winning projects go into production over the coming months and the next 8 creative briefs for artists to respond to will be out this week.

2015 Neighbourhood Arts Launch
Winners of two of the neighbourhood commissions
Photo: Bristol 2015

This announcement marks the start of a year-long programme of arts engagement projects that have been conceived by communities across Bristol's fourteen neighbourhood partnership areas.

The commissions are for £10,000 in total which includes fees, materials and expenses. Like Bristol neighbourhoods, the briefs are exciting and diverse. 

The first 6 winning projects range from taking a creative look at antisocial waste in Ashley, Easton & Lawrence Hill, to creating a new Green Trail for Bishopston, Cotham & Redland, to getting people engaged and active in nature on the Dundry Slopes.

Neighbourhood Arts Programme Manager Emma Williams said:

"We're delighted that the months of consulation have resulted in 6 really exciting local artists and arts organisations being selected.

"The projects have been community led and process driven and we can't wait for them to get started in their respective neighbourhoods.

"Their challenge now will be to engage with people living in those areas to hightlight local issues and to inspire change. Our challenge now is to get another 8 briefs finalised for the rest of Bristol - so watch this space artists."

Winning projects

Dundry View

The winner is: Room 13 Hareclive

The project outline: Inspired by Bristol artist Richard Long, Room 13’s ‘Adventures of Curiosity and Wonder: the Dundry Slopes’ is a venture of discovery where the interests, questions, wonder, curiosity, imagination and pioneering spirit of local children will lead the way.

Discovering nature is key and through dialogues with local people and physical and visual responses to the area, poetic yet functional maps and a booklet will be produced that open up new ways of seeing a new world on the Slopes to a new generation. 

Cabot, Clifton & Clifton East 

The winner is: Anna Wilson. 

The project outline: Anna’s project ‘Sharing Communities’ is an attempt to put people’s recycling and reuse behaviours and needs in the spotlight, with a view to creating social change.  

Uniquely themed, artist-led, pop-up events will happen over the three wards targeting different sections of the neighbourhood offering new ways of sharing and examining the issue.  

The events centre around community engagement, participation and through evaluation will look to create sustainable models for the future. 

Greater Bedminster

The winner is: Elise Hurcombe

The project outline: ‘The AV Hub’ is a programme of inter-generational community arts projects and events enabling Ashton Vale residents to be creative and play an active role in changing the social and physical landscape of their community.

The AV Hub's core theme is Nature, and it will be at the heart of the creative elements of the project.

Moss and knitted graffiti, a community café and a project to reawaken the green spaces are just some of the elements that will be used as inspiration to grow and nurture community engagement and to spread ideas and enthusiasm across the whole of Ashton Vale and Greater Bedminster.

Ashley, Easton & Lawrence Hill 

The winner is: Mufti and Baggator

The project outline: Mufti will create a fun, mass participatory game which will highlight, challenge and raise awareness about antisocial flytipping.

The game, or game series, will be playable at waste hotspots across the wards, devised and delivered with a group of young people from Baggator Young People’s Centre.

These young people will show us their perspective on the issue, and work with Mufti to get local residents out on the street playing, talking and inspiring change. 

Greater Fishponds 

The winner is: Karen Hayes and Barbara Disney 

The project outline: ‘Where Two Roads Meet’ aims to bring different communities in a particular area of Eastville together to discover and celebrate a shared identity.

Under the theme of reuse and recycle, the project will culminate in the creation of a community book which shares verbatim text and visual contributions from participants in response to their environment.

The final outcome will be a series of enamel panels, which are public pieces celebrating the identity of this community and its connection to the rest of Greater Fishponds.

Bishopston, Cotham & Redland 

The winner is: Chrissie Decker 

The project outline: Chrissie’s ‘Green Treasure Hunt’ is an active travel trail featuring five strategically placed “pocket plazas” which illustrate each of the five Green Capital themes. 

These installations are designed to enhance the routes they join up and to provide links to many of the relevant projects and groups in the area.

At each “pocket plaza”, residents can pick up a map and scan a QR code for a clue to reveal 1 of 10 other hidden miniature installations dotted along the way.

The project will encourage residents to discover new routes, to explore community projects both physically and on-line and to learn more about what the Green Capital year means for Bishopston, Cotham and Redland.