This section contains information about promoting reuse and reducing food waste, increasing recycling rates and putting on sustainable events.

How to encourage reuse of unwanted items

Reusing things instead of throwing them away makes sense both environmentally and socially. However, there are numerous challenges which stop this happening routinely. Here’s how Bristol is aiming to overcome them.

11_Bristol Method_How to encourage reuse of unwanted items.pdf (792.4 KB)

How to tackle food waste in cities

Every year, 15 million tonnes of food waste is produced from UK households, businesses and other organisations. Bristol has a strong food sector with interests in the sustainable food agenda, as well as vibrant social enterprises which have risen to the challenge of addressing food waste issues and poverty.

12_Bristol Method_How to tackle food waste in cities.pdf (979.4 KB)

How to reduce use of disposable plastic bottles

We throw away millions of empty water bottles every year. A team in Bristol has worked with local businesses to offer free drinking water through out the city in a bid to cut down on waste plastic.

13_Bristol Method_How to reduce use of disposable plastic bottles.pdf (914.5 KB)

How to make events more sustainable

Events provide a unique opportunity to engage people with ideas about environmental sustainability and can be used to role model best practice too. This module covers a number of projects and tool kits aimed at supporting event organisers to reduce the environmental impacts of events in 2015 and beyond.

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