European Green Capital

Learn more about how we won the bid and chose to celebrate our year in the spotlight.

How to use art to inspire change

Bristol has long been considered a cultural hub. The arts scene is an important component of the city’s identity, and Bristol’s title as European Green Capital creates the perfect opportunity to bring art and sustainability together. This module looks at the many different projects popping up across the city, particularly a neighbourhood arts projects which is engaging communities at the grassroots.

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How to embed sustainability into the curriculum

Bristol is using the European Green Capital award to launch a dedicated schools programme to excite local youngsters about the importance and relevance of sustainability. During the year, a series of workshops, games and fieldtrips will be tested on local school children before being offered to the nation via an online platform. This module explains Bristol’s ambitious plans.

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How to prepare a winning bid for the European Green Capital

It took three attempts for Bristol to win the European Capital Award which means the city has acquired plenty of knowledge about how to do it, what works and what doesn’t. This module has been written in order to share what we know with other cities who may be preparing to bid.

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How to empower and engage youth

Young people often lead the debate about environmental issues yet are the group with least power to affect change in their communities. When their energy and passion is given the right outlet and support though, the impact is huge.

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How to make corporate volunteering work

Many businesses arrange volunteering days for their staff to 'give back' to the local community. Done right, these have enormous benefits to both parties. But they are often poorly managed. This module outlines the pitfalls to avoid to ensure these events are a success.

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Student Capital: The power of students sustainability engagement

Bristol has one of the highest proportions of student population of any UK city at 10% of the population. The city’s two universities worked collaboratively on supporting the European Green Capital 2015 project – as well as getting the most out of the year for students - and institutions.  The Student Capital project achieved huge levels of engagement in business, community and voluntary sector organisations.

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