Find out how Bristol is promoting the green economy, championing a local currency and getting small businesses involved in sustainability.

How to set up a local currency

While it is by no means a total solution, fiscal localism is one way that communities can signal their resistance to economic globalisation. By creating a voluntary local currency, people are empowered to trade more efficiently within their local area. This module explains how the Bristol Pound works.

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How to grow the green economy in a city

Sustainability and economy might not be a natural pairing in most people’s minds. However, when looking for new, creative ways to improve a city, a green economy can do wonders by addressing both environmental and financial issues – as well as changing attitudes to both.

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How to engage small businesses

Engaging the Small and Medium sized (SME) business community in sustainability is a huge opportunity: they make up a sizable proportion of businesses in the UK and employ millions of people. Read on to learn about the Go Green programme launched in Bristol to support SMEs.

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