Capacity Building Training

Bristol 2015 Ltd has partnered with Volunteer Bristol to create Capacity Building Training for anyone who works with volunteers.

The training is affordable and modules will be offered repeatedly through to July so hopefully it is accessible too.

The hope is that the training will improve the volunteer experience in Bristol both for volunteers and the organisations they volunteer with.

To book a space for yourself or a group, please click on the link below:

This training will cover:

Recruiting volunteers

• What is volunteering (no contract, no compulsion, no payment, expenses)

• Why people volunteer

• What stops people volunteering

• Who can volunteer, inc. supported volunteering

• Where to recruit (role descriptions, adverts)

• Selection of volunteers (interviews, references)
Supporting and retaining volunteers

• Why people stop volunteering

• Volunteer induction

• Supporting and supervising volunteers

• Valuing volunteers

Managing volunteers – having everything in place

• Planning for volunteering

• Volunteer policies and procedures

• Anticipating issues that can arise when working with volunteers

• Exit processes


• What is safeguarding

• The main categories of abuse

• Safeguarding volunteers and vulnerable groups

• Safeguarding policy and procedures

• Getting support.