We want to become a UK leading city for sustainable energy, leading the way on smart transport efficiency, affordable warmth and 100% renewables

We are delighted to launch Sustainable Learning - A new website bringing sustainability into the classroom.


New research has shown that over 90 per cent of primary school teachers in England believe they should be teaching children about the effects of climate change, despite sustainability not being a statutory requirement in the curriculum.

This month we are delighted to launch a new online platform, supporting teachers to bring sustainability into their classroom with a new website called Sustainable Learning.

Whilst there are many different websites out there it’s still hard work finding a quality resource that supports the National Curriculum.  

Sustainable Learning

This guide explains some of the fantastic features you will find on this new website.  Everything has been designed by teachers, for teachers to inspire learning and help take the stress out of planning.   

                                                                                                               Sustainable Shaun Online Game

Sustainable Shaun is a game, developed in partnership with Aardman Animations, in which players help Shaun the Sheep build his own sustainable settlement for the stray animals of the city. 

Players must keep the animals happy by meeting their needs by collecting recycled materials in the city's junkyard to build and upgrade one of ten sustainable creations including; vegetable patches, wind turbines and even compost toilets! 

You can play in freeplay mode and attempt to make your whole city healthier and happier in just 10 days. Alternatively, you can join in with the mission mode and help Shaun solve five problems from a pesticide panic to an energy crisis.

The game was designed to be played at home and in the classroom to facilitate learning about sustainability issues, while having fun with Shaun and the gang at the same time!  

In November 2015, we were thrilled to win the TIGA™ Games Industry Award for best game with a purpose.  

                                                                                                               Virtual Fieldtrips

You can discover the Best of Bristol through these fun and informative short films.  Join the children on some truely exceptional workshops. 

Go on a trip to the clothes mountain at Bristol Textile Recycling factory, 

take the passenger seat as the children ride on some unique and unusual bicycles,

or visit the Clifton Downs and witness the unbelievable speed and agility of a peregrine falcon.

There are eight Best of Bristol videos to watch.  We have also designed some addtional activities to accompany each theme.

Search the site and you will discover more original films including the adventures of Farmer Jack and a collection of green poetry written by Martin Kiszko.


                                                                                                               Amazing Resources

The website focuses on five themes of sustainability; energy, food, nature, transport and waste.  

We have sourced some of the best online activities and with support of a panel of teaching professionals we have created a host of unique resources, all with specific learning objective and plenty of cross curricular links.

Your children could plan and build their own sustainable city or even film a green screen movie in a minibeast mansion. 

Sustainable Learning is packed full of engaging lesson plans, engrossing videos, enlightening games and enthralling activities for both classroom and outdoor education. 


                                                                                                               Find a Local Expert and Discover Upcoming Events

There are hundreds of local experts out there who are keen to share their knoweldge and experience of sustainable living with children all over the country. Our aim is to make it easier for schools to connect with these special people.

This valuable website function allows you to find providers who run workshops in your area by using the handy postcode search feature.  

You can also search for day trips and residential visits.

In addition, Sustaianable Learning can also keep you up to date with what is going on in the world.

If you are looking for a theme or a topic for learning or for fundraising opportunities you can see what is coming up using our online events calendar.  


                                                                                                               Get Involved!

Please do visit the website at www.sustainablelearning.com.  If you have used any of our resources, found a local expert through Sustainable Learning, or many you would like to submit your own resources or feature as an expert we would love to hear from you! Contact us and share your experiences using wither our online contact form or tweet us: @sustlearning.

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