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St Anne's Wood Adventure Trail by APE Project. 


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The project: ‘St Anne’s Wood Adventure Trail’ engaged residents of St. Anne's Wood in a series of arts and play workshops in the woods and local community venues. Stories were told, wishes heard and a whole range of temporary and more permanent physical pieces (including carved benches and logs) were made to be discovered in the woods. Pupils and staff of the neighbouring Kingfisher school were also engaged through weekly arts and nature workshops leading up to the arts and play trail, which culminated in a grand finale on 15th November 2015, for the whole community to come together, explore and enjoy. 

APE Project is an arts, play and environmental organisation empowering and creating opportunities for children, young people and adults for positive change. Check out their website to see the sort of work they get up to, Like APE on Facebook or Follow APE on Twitter.

  • 30 workshops held in schools and for the local community 
  • 610 residents of St Anne’s and St Anne’s Park directly engaged 
  • 7 carved benches created with and for the community for the woods as a permanent legacy for the project 

You [APE Project] have done an amazing job. Children that we were worried about because they usually cause problems with anti-social behaviour and vandalism have shown us another side of themselves. Thank you.










***News Update***  17th November 

What a weekend! Despite the threat of gales, residents of St Anne's and Greater Brislington were not to be put off, and around 250 people came down on Sunday for the St Anne's Wood Adventure Trail. We'd like to thank everyone who was involved - every child and member of staff at Kingfisher School, all the local people who attend the weekend workshops and helped with the set-up on Saturday, Bristol City Council staff, and APE Project of course for dreaming up and leading such a wonderful project. Just over 600 people have been involved from start to finish, and it wouldn't have been the great event it was without ever single one of them. Take a look at more pictures here for an idea of what it was like.

Photo: Frances Gard
What happens now?

This marks the end of the Neighbourhood Arts Project for Greater Brislington, but there are a number of physical legacy pieces now in St Anne's Wood that have come about during the course of this project. The Wood now has its very own dog-poo bin to make it easier to keep the space clean and there are a number of engraved wooden benches and decorative logs by the well to be used by all who visit. We hope this has been the first step of many in encouraging local people to reclaim St Anne's Woods and preserve and protect it for future generations to come. 


***News Update***  21st October 

The Adventure Trail is growing! On the most recent weekend of activity, over 80 residents showed up to get involved in building and making. APE Project have got whole classes at Kingfisher School drawing handmade charcoal pictures
outdoors in the woods. For a green space that was previously deemed a bit sinister, St Anne's Wood is now a hive of activity. As the Adventure Trail weekend draws closer, artworks grow and expectations build... 

***News Update***  23rd September

The making of the St Anne's Wood Adventure Trail is off to a fine start, with lots of people getting stuck in last weekend. Make sure you download the flyer in the square icon above, and save all the dates in your diary. Sessions with APE Project in the woods are happening every other Saturday morning and they're open to all ages and whole families. The next one is Saturday 10th October. Don't miss it! I hear the free breakfasts are amazing... 

Check out the picture gallery at the bottom of the page for an idea of what to expect. 

***News Update***  18th September

Starting September 19th APE Project will be welcoming all ages and abilities to join them on Lichfield Road every other Saturday with a cuppa and fun creative arts activities.

*** NEWS UPDATE ***    15th September


Breakfast & walk as part of APE project
Local residents have invited APE Project to discover the hidden treasures in St Anne’s Wood and want YOU to help create a fun weekend adventure trail for all the family on Sat 14th & Sun 15th November.

Join APE every other Saturday, whatever the weather, near the silver gates on Lichfield Road and get involved. All ages, all abilities welcome.
Try your hand at woodcraft & forest skills. Get creative with different arts activities and help make things for the trail. Or just come along, have a cuppa and share stories about this wonderful green space on your doorstep!

Activity dates: 

September 19th, October 3rd, 17th & 31st: from 10am to 1pm. Adventurous activities in the woods. 

November 7th: from 10am - 1pm. A special Dad's day. Come along down with your kids and get stuck into some building. 

October 26th (half term): 2pm until 6pm. Children’s Adventure Play Day and Outdoor Cinema. Meet by the Well and bring along a torch.

September-November: APE will be working with pupils and teachers delivering creative workshops and exploring the potential for more forest schools in the woods. Contact APE for more information.

*** News Update *** 14th September

Today pupils at the Kingfisher School enjoyed stripping back locally harvested willow to create game of giant pick-up-sticks. Check out the gallery below to see some more pictures. 

*** News Update *** 6th September

A fantastic first meeting in St Anne's Woods with local residents. Loads of people, young and old came to find out about the project or just stopped by to tell a story about the woods and what it meant to them. See gallery below for more pictures.

*** News Update *** 24th August

First outing for Sailors' Walk* announced! nb project has been renamed St Anne's Wood Adventure Trail

APE Project will be in St Anne's Woods on Saturday 5th September, collecting memories and wishes from local residents and providing a tasty FREE breakfast.

Make sure you go along between 10am and 1pm to find out about the full programme of weekend activities coming up for September and October, culminating in an interactive arts-trail weekender in mid-November.


*** News Update *** 11th August

The Greater Brislington project was kick-started on 26th July with the St Anne's Pageant. Check out the short video our film crew made of the day here

Project Background.

What will a neighbourhood arts project look like for Greater Brislington?

  • The project has been shaped from what we heard from individual residents, community groups and local businesses.

What’s happened so far?

We’ve been consulting people living in the neighbourhood area to find out:

  • what issues need addressing in terms of the green agenda
  • particular areas that would be great to have an arts project
  • specific community groups or members of the community an artist, maker or facilitator should work with – ie schools, unemployed or older people

How are we engaging with this area? Well, we’re…

  • talking at the neighbourhood partnership and local forum meetings
  • working closely with Bristol City Council’s Neighbourhood & Community Development teams
  • meeting with community leaders, groups and individuals
  • keeping busy on social media
  • leaving flyers in community buildings
  • we have also held a public consultation meeting on Monday 9th March at Kingfisher School.

What are the next steps?

  • The artist/maker or facilitators brief will be publicised for 5 weeks. The commission will be for £10,000 which includes all project fees, materials & expenses, although volunteers may be provided to assist on the project. See the brief below:




“I’m a creative Bristolian and I’d like to get involved.”

Want to know more? Feel you could volunteer?

Get in touch –

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Breakfast & a walk - 5th September

Workshops with Kingfisher School

Adventure Trail Making

St Anne's Wood Adventure Trail