Filwood, Knowle and Windmill Hill

'The Forgotten Toys Compendium' by Knowle West Media Centre & Ludic Rooms.


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‘The Lost Toy Compendium’ has taken people on a journey of social archaeology to rediscover and repurpose the playable gems hidden among the forgotten “junk” lurking in attics, garages and sheds. Using play, story-telling and art, these re-discovered toy artefacts (from rusty bike wheels and old sledges, to dusty console controllers and forgotten Furbies) have been remixed and reborn as new participative games that bring everyday streets alive and build connections between people. 

Knowle West Media Centre is an arts charity supporting individuals and communities to get the most out of digital technologies and the arts. Ludic Rooms is an arts organisation that creates interactive work using digital technology. 

•    Worked with 9 artists
•    Directly engaged 397 local residents
•    Created three highly sharable videos, designed for social media channels, to inspire people to reuse old or broken toys instead of sending them to landfill

Visit the project website to find out more.

***NEWS UPDATE*** 1st December

After much collecting, redesigning and tinkering, The Forgotten Toys Compendium project now draws to a close. Three short, sharer-friendly videos showing some KWMC and Ludic Rooms'  discoveries of what can be done with our unwanted toys, are now online for all to see, and being shared on social media.
What happens now?
KWMC have teamed up with Playing Out, who were involved in some of the research & development stages of the project. Together, they hope to make this an annual calendar event: instead of throwing away old things before Christmas to make room for new presents, wouldn't it be great if people remade old things into new toys each year instead? Check out the videos to see how you could repurpose that forgotten 'junk' in the attic. 
Forgotten Toys Compendium

***NEWS UPDATE*** 18th November

KWMC Present... Unwrapped: Festivities at The Factory!

Looking for something different this winter? Perhaps some festive gifts with a bit of a twist? 

At their winter celebration and AGM on 24th November, Knowle West Media Centre will be wrapping up the Forgotten Toys Compendium project at Filwood Green Business Park. They invite you to join them so they can show you a trick or two about how you could turn old forgotten toys into new ones and then wrap them up for the festive season.

Come try your hand at a Toy Hack and see if this year, instead of getting rid of old things, you can transform them into something new for family and loved ones. See the event page for further info. 

Download the flyer here

***NEWS UPDATE*** 29th October 

KWMC and Ludic Rooms had a mad old time on Tuesday at the Forgotten Toys Test day taking some of their new games to the streets. Were you there? Let us know what you thought

The next stage of the Forgotten Toys project is to develop instructions for these games to be watched or downloaded at home. We'll let you know when that happens, along with the celebration event which will launch the new games for the Knowle and Filwood community. 

***NEWS UPDATE*** 27th October 

Bringing us up to speed on all that The Forgotten Toys Compendium has accomplished so far, Melissa Mean from KWMC will be joining the early birds tomorrow morning at 7:30am on BCFM. If you're awake, don't miss it!

***NEWS UPDATE*** 22nd September

Photo: Frances Gard
The Forgotten Toys Test Day - Come and play some games!
Broken bike wheels, headless Barbies, warped sledge: the people of Knowle West have donated their old toys and have been busy inventing all sorts of new strange and wonderful ones…
After three weeks of head-scratching and game developing, KWMC and Ludic Rooms now invite you to come and try out some of the new toys & games made from old. 
Where: Knowle West Media Centre
When: 2-5pm Tuesday 27th October
Free games and activities. All ages welcome. 
Let us know which ones you liked best by dropping us an email

***NEWS UPDATE*** 22nd September

Over the past week, Melissa (KWMC) and Ludic Rooms have been getting all kinds of people involved in The Forgotten Toys Compendium from the Filwood and Knowle areas.

First, there was Knowle West Fest on Filwood Broadway, where local residents of all ages joined in the remixing of old toys to create new characters and games. Together they dismantled toys to discover how they worked, rebuilt them in new forms and experimented with their new functions. Then, taking advantage of the last of the summer sun, they began to create some new outdoor games... Old toys for a new purpose!

Then last Thursday, there was a circuit bending workshop at Knowle West Media Centre with the incredible young people from the KWMC Creative Hub. Electronic toys were taken apart and examined. Once it became apparent how the circuits were made, the team were able to learn how to fix them. They were even able to rewire them for an entirely new function, giving an old redundant toy a fun and exciting new lease of life. 

We look forward to seeing what new games have been created! Videos and website coming soon...!

Photo: Jon Craig


***NEWS UPDATE*** 10th September

Over the past two weeks you may have caught sight of the Forgotten Toys Trike as it journeyed through Filwood collecting old toys and their associated stories. 

Now the collection is over, KWMC invite you to join them for a FREE family remix session on Saturday 12th September

Come along and show us how you would make new games out of old stuff.

From 10am at Knowle West Media Centre

From 1pm at Filwood Braodway as part of Knowle West Fest 

***NEWS UPDATE***  24th August

On Wednesday 26th and Friday 28th August, Melissa and her team from KWMC and Ludic Rooms will be out on the streets of Filwood. They're looking for your old toys and forgotten 'junk', so they can re-mix and transform them into new participatory games.

Have you got an old Furby or dusty gameboy lying neglected in the attic? Then keep an eye out for their trike...

On Friday 4th September from 11am - 3pm, there'll be a FREE circut-bending and street-game-making session at Filwood Green Business Park, BS4 1ET.

Download the flyer here   Download the flyer here  


What will a neighbourhood arts project look like for Filwood, Knowle & Windmill Hill?

  • The project has been shaped from what we heard from individual residents, community groups and local businesses.

What’s happened so far?

We’ve been consulting people living in the neighbourhood area to find out:

  • what issues need addressing in terms of the green agenda
  • particular areas that would be great to have an arts project
  • specific community groups or members of the community an artist, maker or facilitator should work with – ie schools, unemployed or older people

How are we engaging with this area? Well, we’re…

  • talking at the neighbourhood partnership and local forum meetings
  • working closely with Bristol City Council’s Neighbourhood & Community Development teams
  • meeting with community leaders, groups and individuals
  • keeping busy on social media
  • leaving flyers in community buildings
  • we also held a public consultation meeting in the area on Weds 25th March at Knowle Community Centre. 

What are the next steps?

The artist/maker or facilitators brief will be publicised for 5 weeks. The commission will be for £10,000 which includes all project fees, materials & expenses, although volunteers may be provided to assist on the project. See the brief below:




“I’m a creative Bristolian and I’d like to get involved.”

Want to know more? Feel you could volunteer?

Get in touch –

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