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‘Adventures of Curiosity & Wonder: The Dundry Slopes’ by Room 13, Hareclive.


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Inspired by Bristol artist Richard Long, Room 13’s ‘Adventures of Curiosity and Wonder: the Dundry Slopes’ was a voyage of discovery where the interests, questions, curiosity, imagination and pioneering spirit of local children led the way. Discovering nature has been central to the process, and through conversations with local people and physical and visual responses to the area, a creative map of three types of walks has been produced to open up different ways of seeing the Slopes to a new generation. 

Room 13 Hareclive is an independent artists' studio, based in the grounds of Hareclive Academy in Hartcliffe, co-run by the children that use it working alongside adult artists.

  • Ran 25 sessions with young people
  • Directly engaged 385 people from Hareclive Academy and the local community
  • Exhibited work at Spike Island, Festival of Nature, Engine Shed, Make Sunday Special and Arnolfini, taking young people’s artwork and the Dundry Slopes to the rest of the city

Being involved in the Green Capital commission has made me realise that out of school I’m a ‘stay in my bedroom’ kind of person .Through exploring the Dundry Slopes for this project I have discovered I like to take challenges and risks outside. I’m now going to do the Duke of Edinburgh Award.”Young participant.
















***NEWS UPDATE*** 24th November 

Shani and Paul have had their heads down developing 'The Way' maps, inspired by the drawings and discoveries of Room 13ers. Now that they have created the visual content, the map has been passed on to a design studio to refine and lay out appropriately. The maps will be launched at the Bristol 2015 Neighbourhood Arts Celebration on 10th December, 6 - 8pm. But until then, here's a little sneak preview...  (see left).



***NEWS UPDATE*** 28th October 

Arnolfini Exhibition

We're delighted to announce that next week, Room 13 will be exhibiting their creative journey and discoveries for this project so far. 

Make sure you don't miss it:

Adventures of Curiosity and Wonder: the Dundry Slopes

From Tuesday 3rd – Sunday 8th November, 11am – 6pm
At Arnolfini Light Studio, 16 Narrow Quay, Bristol BS1 4QA

This is a chance to get an insight into the unique process of the Room 13 artists. Beginning with their interview of artist and patron Richard Long, and ending with their latest ideas about how to share the wonder of the slopes, the exhibition will show the individual journeys and timeline of the project. 

For further information, please see the event page here.

***NEWS UPDATE*** 30th September

Take a sneak peak at the creative responses Room 13 artists have made so far to the Dundry Slopes! Over the next month, they will be putting together designs for ‘The Way’ maps. These will be three separate mapped routes each inspired by a different theme:

  1. The Giant High Five: inspiring people to explore and discover
  2. Mission Impossible: sharing adventures that can be had on the slopes
  3. Diana’s Moonwalk: themed around nature and romance

We look forward to seeing how they develop!

***NEWS UPDATE*** 23rd September

With the summer holidays over, the young artists at Room 13 are returning their attentions back to the Dundry Slopes. They'll be developing their creative responses into individual maps of the slopes, with guidance and personal development from Paul, Shani and Ingrid.  

If you were at Make Sunday Special in Hartcliffe at the start of September, you may have seen a few Room 13ers there putting together a Green Spaces presentation and engaging with the general public. If you weren't there, don't worry, you can take a look at the pictures at the bottom of the page to get an idea. 

***NEWS UPDATE*** 17th July

"Being involved with the Green Capital Commission has made me realise, out of school I am a ‘stay in your bedroom’ kind of person. Through exploring the Dundry Slopes for this project I have discovered I like to take challenges and risks outside. I am now going to go for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards."
Lauren is a Year 9 Room 13er.

***NEWS UPDATE*** 16th July

Meeting at Arnolfini: Room 13 exhibition space booked to coincide with Richard Longs show from Tuesday 3rd November - Saturday 7th November - light studio, Arnolfini.

Room 13 to share the process of the Dundry View Commission. This work will be open to the public and school visits through Arnolfini.

Room 13 will promote this exhibition through its partners.


***NEWS UPDATE*** 9th July

Room 13ers visit Spike Island  to take inspiration from the current exhibition - looking at maps imagined and real.

***NEWS UPDATE*** 8th July

Room 13 exhibition launched at the Engine Shed. Showcasing the process of the Dundry View Commission so far. Exhibition open to the public for 2 months (4th September).

***NEWS UPDATE*** 2nd July

Room 13ers meet at the Room 13 studio to talk through and record their findings after experiencing the Dundry slopes.

***NEWS UPDATE*** 25th June

Room 13ers out exploring Dundry slopes.

***NEWS UPDATE*** 18th June

Room 13ers meeting members from VM, Avon Wildlife Trust and Friends of Dundry slopes out on the slopes.

A call for memories, stories, names of places on Dundry Slopes.

We are keen to weave the past of the slopes into our project. As a 14 year old Room 13er says "convert memories into now". The young people of the area want to use these as a clue into what the slopes were like once and compare this to the present day - all with the aim to bring the slopes alive to many people! If you have any stories, names of places or memories you want to share with us please email Room 13.

***NEWS UPDATE***  1st June 

Here is an update from Room 13...   

Spike Island Opened Studio 1st - 4th May

Room 13 opened up their studio 30 at Spike Island and asked the public one question - what do you know about Dundry Slopes?

The Open Studio attracted around 7000 visitors over the long weekend.

Interview with international artist Richard Long!                                                                                                                   

Thursday 7th May: A symbolic and inspiring start to our project on Dundry slopes - young people from                                                                                    Hartcliffe and Withywood interviewed landscape artist Richard Long at Arnolfini.

Community Panel meeting

Friday 8th May: Young people at Hareclive Academy met key Dundry View community members / people that have an interest in and a wealth of knowledge about the Dundry Slopes - "we feel very supported"

Out on the slopes with Keith Way a Friend of Dundry View

Thursday 21st May: Room 13 Hareclive Artists Shani Ali and Paul Bradley were privileged to get a personal tour of the slopes by local Hartcliffe Expert! Such a beautiful place, you have to see it!

Dundry Slopes Discovery Day - Saturday 30th May

Several Room 13ers met with the Avon Wildlife Trust and Volunteering Matters - they joined Mary Woods a senior ecologist from the Avon Wildlife Trust on a tour of Dundry Slopes looking at the flora and fauna.

Young Room 13ers from Hareclive Primary & Bridge Learning Campus (Secondary) met together to discuss the maps.

Artists Shani and Paul met with year 5's to year 9's and also discussed how we get people back onto the Dundry Slopes.

Background information on the project;

What does a neighbourhood arts project look like for Dundry View?

  • The project has been shaped from what we heard from individual residents, community groups and local businesses.

What’s happened so far?

Since September 2014 we’ve been consulting people living in the neighbourhood area to find out:

  • what issues need addressing in terms of the green agenda
  • particular areas that would be great to have an arts project
  • specific community groups or members of the community an artist, maker or facilitator should work with – ie schools, unemployed or older people

How have we engaged with this area? Well, we’ve…

  • talked at the neighbourhood partnership and local forum meetings
  • been working closely with Bristol City Council’s Neighbourhood & Community Development teams
  • met with community leaders, groups and individuals
  • been busy on social media
  • left flyers in community buildings
  • held a public consultation meeting on the 12th January @SYMES Building
  • held a Creative Brainstorming drop in session on Saturday 7th March for artists to talk to the NAP team

What are the next steps?

“I’m a creative Bristolian and I’d like to get involved.”

Want to know more? Feel you could volunteer?

Get in touch – nap@bristol2015.co.uk

Follow the neighbourhood arts project on Facebook

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