Avonmouth and Kingsweston

Who is the Real Goram Giant? by artists Alan May, Dee Moxon and Ruth Ramsay.


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‘Who is the real Goram Giant?’ Through this project, four Goram Giants have been created by local residents from natural, found and recycled materials in each of the villages: Avonmouth, Lawrence Weston, Sea Mills and Shirehampton. The giants were paraded at Make Sunday Special in Avonmouth in September 2015 and competed for the title of the real Goram Giant. Young and old were involved in both the puppet making and the final show. The project brought together the four areas and celebrated their unique identities.

Alan May makes artwork in the neighbourhoods of Bristol: he is creative director of the Bedminster Winter Lanterns and Arts Coordinator for Ambition Lawrence Weston. Dee Moxon has been based in Bristol and working as an artist for 20 years. Ruth Ramsay has worked as a carnival costume maker and creative workshop facilitator for over 15 years working in schools, youth groups and in community settings.   

  • 13 arts workshops in each of the four villages
  • 316 directly involved and participated in the making of the four giants
  • Giant puppets expressing the identities of each area have been stored and are available to be used at community events and for fundraising

We have been overjoyed at the energy, humour and enthusiasm which has gone into the designing and building of the four Giants. Our participants have shown great invention in their designs and their search for appropriate recycled materials with which to build their giant.
















***NEWS UPDATE*** 17th September

Our artists Dee, Ruth & Alan, want to say a big 'thank you' to everyone that got involved neighbourhood arts project for the Avonmouth & Kingsweston area. From participants, to local advisers, to community groups and parents.

Whilst this is a massive neighbourhood partnership area, and is challenging to engage with some parts, the artists managed to get 336 under 16’s and 109 adults involved in making the puppets, which we think is pretty impressive, as well as engaging many more at the Make Sunday Special as audience. Click here to see the Facebook pics.

Photo: Frances Gard

In the sessions, reuse, recycling, upcycling and waste were on the agenda and the 4 very impressive giants were made from these found, unwanted and locally sourced items.
Whilst slow on the uptake at first, once on board Avonmouth really got in to the spirit of it. Their giant really reflected the area with boats & shipping containers for feet, railway lines for the body and cranes for arms and was a deserved winner.
The others were equally notable with Shirehampton participants painstakingly hand-stitching recycled textiles to make theirs – hours of work - and it was lovely to see that Sea Mills’s & Lawrence Weston giants were made of willow harvested in their very own areas – and of course they made us smile quite a lot.

The Giants are now taking a rest thanks to the Bristol Port but Avonmouth have plans to use their giant for fundraising events and the others will come out for community events and there is talk of a Goram Fair for next year where all four could make an appearance.
If you have any particular feedback about this project then please feel free to get in touch

***NEWS UPDATE*** 8th September

We are delighted to announce that the four Giants, made by residents in Avonmouth, Sea Mills, Shirehampton and Lawrence Weston are going to be paraded at the Avonmouth Make Sunday Special! 

The Giants will battle it out for the title of The Real Goram Giant at 2pm on Sunday 13th September. They'll be puppeteered by residents and accompanied by renowned story teller Martin Maudesley. So make sure you keep an eye out for them at Avonmouth Park and the Community Centre during the Make Sunday Special celebrations.    

To get an idea of what to expect, check out the building photos at the bottom of this page.

Download the flyer here

***NEWS UPDATE*** 18th August

Avonmouth your dates are in. Get Goram-ing with your community.

***NEWS UPDATE*** 18th August

Lawrence Weston you've done a great job! The pics are in! Check them out at the bottom of the page. 

***NEWS UPDATE*** 10th August

The Sea Mills Goram is beginning to take shape! Check out the photos at the bottom of the page.

***NEWS UPDATE*** 24th July 

Shirehampton, the dates are in for your Build A Goram workshops... get involved.

***NEWS UPDATE*** 16th July 

Now your turn Sea Mills, check out the dates you can make your giant...

***NEWS UPDATE*** 15th July 

So workshops are starting to firm up in Avonmouth, Lawrence Weston, Sea Mills & Shirehampton. Residents of Lawrence Weston here's your chance to build a giant..

What will a neighbourhood arts project look like for Avonmouth & Kingsweston?

  • The project has been shaped from what we heard from you the individual residents, community groups and local businesses.

What’s happened so far?

We’ve been consulting people living in the neighbourhood area to find out:

  • what issues need addressing in terms of the green agenda
  • particular areas that would be great to have an arts project
  • specific community groups or members of the community an artist, maker or facilitator should work with – ie schools, unemployed or older people

How are we engaging with this area? Well, we’re…

  • talking at the neighbourhood partnership and local forum meetings
  • working closely with Bristol City Council’s Neighbourhood & Community Development teams
  • meeting with community leaders, groups and individuals
  • keeping busy on social media
  • leaving flyers in community buildings
  • we also held a public consultation meeting in the area on 17th March at Avonmouth Community Centre. 

What are the next steps?

The artist/maker or facilitators brief has be publicised for 5 weeks. The commission will be for £10,000 which includes all project fees, materials & expenses, although volunteers may be provided to assist on the project. See the breif below:




“I’m a creative Bristolian and I’d like to get involved.”

Want to know more? Feel you could volunteer?

Get in touch – nap@bristol2015.co.uk

Follow the neighbourhood arts project on Facebook

Photos: Sea Mills Goram

Photos: Lawrence Weston Goram

Photos: Shirehampton

Avonmouth Goram (photography be Frances Guard)