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The Bristol Whales

A stunning sculptural installation will be created on At-Bristol's Millennium Square as part of our European Green Capital year.

Whales are intelligent, beautiful, charismatic animals – they’ve become symbols of the world’s oceans

The sculpture shows two whales swimming together through Millennium Square, with the tail of one emerging from the ocean, and the head and blowhole of the other.

The Arts Council England is funding the installation under their ‘exceptional award’ scheme, which was set up to help arts organisations respond to extraordinary one-off opportunities of national significance.

Bristol 2015 has commissioned the art work as part of its public programme for the year, to help make sustainable living accessible and easy to understand.

Plastic bottles will be collected and re-used after the Bristol 10k running race in May for use in the sculpture, and then be recycled when the installation is taken down.

The whales themselves will be created from wicker, harvested from Somerset willow, a natural material which will biodegrade over time.


Millennium Square



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  • Family & Young People
  • Outdoors & Nature

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Arts Council



Bristol map showing Cabot, Clifton and Clifton East
Cabot, Clifton and Clifton East