Festival of the Future City

The Festival of the Future City will bring together a range of commissioned writers, artists, filmmakers, poets, architects and others, from 17-20 November 2015.

Cities are the future, as the majority of the population move to live and work in them. The Bristol Festival of the Future City – one of Arts Council England supported Exceptional projects - will be the largest debate ever about the city and the future, bringing together academics, city planners, artists, writers, filmmakers, games makers, architects, politicians, journalists and commentators, poets, community leaders, businesses, scientists, think tanks and others to debate the future city with the public. It’s the culmination of Bristol 2015 – European Green Capital.

The aims of Festival of the Future City are: to inspire wide thinking and debate about the future of cities; to look at examples of good practice in cities that will help promote a better and more resilient, sustainable and prosperous future for all; to examine and debate good examples of city futures from the past and what they can tell us now; to provide models for future city development; and to promote debate and discussion about the future city by the widest range of people and organisations.
The Festival Programme
The full programme can download below or viewed here or on the Festival of Ideas site

BCDP_BFOI_FOTFC_Brochure_Web.pdf (5.0 MB)
There’s sessions on healthy cities, age-friendly cities, smart cities, cities for all, new thinking about cities, world cities, nature-rich cities, resilience, inequality and social mobility, city thinkers of the past and what they can offer now, future work, utopian cities, the future of the High Street, immigration and cities, arts and playable cities, housing, and more.

We’ll see new launches by InnovateUK on their city demonstrators work, a special preview of the new film High Rise and a lecture on J G Ballard, new poems and essays by leading writers and commentators, city walks and the first Bristol Day looking at the future of the city.




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  • Art, Craft & Exhibitions
  • Talks & Debates

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The Bristol Debates / Summits and Conferences