Do15 - Stockwood and Hengrove

The Do15 Creative Outreach Team transformed the Car park behind Stockwood shopping area as it was in need of some TLC. The team painted flowers and nature themed imagery on the back of the shops and walls with local residents.

When the team asked local residents, business owners and members of the community who visited Stockwood Fair where they think would benefit from a public art project – everyone said the car park behind the shops. The #do15 team carried out some research and found that the reason this car park is so neglected is that there was no collective sense of ownership about the space. The ground area is owned privately, the stairwell is owned by someone else, a section of the shops by another, the back car park by the council, and so on… It had become an eye sore.

The future of this car park is uncertain as proposed building plans are in action but in the meantime the team decided that brightening it up in a bid to improve attitudes and reduce antisocial behaviour was a positive move for the Stockwood area.

The team visited St. Silas Youth Club to help us choose the imagery and then worked with young volunteers and local residents to complete the artwork.

Once the artwork in the Car Park was completed, the team ran an event outside Hollway Road shops where they invited residents to take part in creative workshops.  This was in partnership with Stockwood Free Church and Artist Kerry Russell with a young local DJ providing the music This event allowed members of the community to speak to the team about the project and take a look at the artwork itself.

The feedback about the project was incredible. So much so that the Neighbourhood coordinator wishes to use it as a case study to apply for further funding to improve areas in Hengrove and Stockwood.

Communtiy Event

Stockwood Community Fair

On Saturday 11 July we attended the fair that was organised by the Stockwood Christian Society. It was a fantastic day and it was nice to see so many young people from our St. Silas Young Bristol Community Club.

Lots of bunting was made and we were really impressed by the level of drawing skills on the puzzle piece. Our favourite part of the day was the puppet show and having positive responses to our car park project idea.