Do15 - Horfield and Lockleaze

The Do15 Team created permanent reading tents in the library of Filton Avenue Nursery and Children’s Centre, giving young people calm, quiet places to concentrate and enjoy reading.

Lockleaze and Horfield residents felt that early years and nursery groups would be a great age to work with, especially at Filton Ave Nursery and Children's' centre. The team visited the Centre with David Jepson, the Chair of School Governor and Head Teacher Sarah Woodfield to discuss how we can help. Sarah explained that the classrooms are open plan; huge with high ceilings and they wished to create softer and calmer places for young people to sit and read.

The Do15 team worked with local seamstress Leigh-Anne Treadwell to make two Bedouin style tents using recycled material from Bristol Textile Recycling Centre. The pieces of material were decorated with hand and foot prints by the young people attending the summer school. Young people were aged between 2 and 4 years old and had a great time getting messy!

Community Event

Love Lockleaze fest

On 11 July 2015, the Do15 Creative Outreach Team went to Love Lockleaze Festival in Gainsborough Square. They were taken by surprise by how many activities and events were on offer. Anything from a mini Ferris Wheel to a Gladiator style bouncy castle, live music from Studio 7 and an amazing free food stall! The whole community came out to take part in the event and even the Mayor, George Ferguson, came to talk about the developments that Gainsborough Square has seen in recent times. Although sunny, it was incredibly windy - that’s what comes from being on one of the highest points in Bristol! In between working with young people to engage them with the Do15 projects, the team spent a great deal of time chasing after flyers and art materials that would regularly blow away.

Thank you to the residents of Lockleaze for working with the team and Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust that allowed us to be part of the event.