Do15 - Henbury and Southmead

The Do15 Creative Outreach and local residents transformed Machin Road. Flowers were painted up and down the road and murals to the buildings. It was to brighten it up, but there was another motive: to deter fly tipping and litter…

After lots of research and conversations with local residents, community members and business owners of the area, the artwork consisted of paintings of ‘eyes’.  Research shows that images of eyes encourage positive behaviour and a test has proved that they actually reduce litter. The team helped local residents and members of Elm housing (supported housing for the deaf) paint flowers on the pavement and walls. Olas Art helped the group paint murals onto boards that were installed along the road. It was an incredible project and instantly made the road look different. Feedback from local shops owners, residents and the neighbourhood officer have said that they have seen a reduction in fly-tipping and rubbish dumping since the project was completed and thanked the team for making the area a ‘nicer place to be’.

Community Event

Henbury Fair

The team had their Do15 stall where they were enrolling volunteers to help with the painting on Machin Road. They were also invited to make a pledge by pressing the green button, creating some bunting and also add to the puzzle piece. The team were pitched next to the fabulous Paper Arts who were running a mask making workshop and also a magic show! The DJ had everyone dancing for most of the day – even when his gazebo nearly flew away in the wind.