Do15 - Greater Bedminster

Keep your eyes peeled when you’re next on East Street. The Do15 Creative Outreach team have painted the bollards all different shades of green with young people’s designs every tenth.

There are around 165 bollards that line both sides of East Street and before the project, they were all grey. In June the team ran a competition at the Make Sunday Special event on North Street for young people to design a bollard. There were over 50 entries! It was really hard to choose but the winning 12 are:

Zoe (age 5), Courtney (age 11), Joe (age 11), Phoebe (age 6), Ben (age 5), Ben (age 4), Luna (age 11), Sean (age 11), Laina (age 13), Heather (age 9), Indi (age 2), Audrey (age 11).

The feedback from members of the community, business owners and Neighbourhood Officers were that they wanted something to brighten up the area. East Street was once a vibrant place to shop and socialise; local residents felt it now needed something uplifting.  The Do15 team chose the bollards as there are so many of them and that amount of grey visually changed the whole street.

The spray paint that was used was Sugar Spray paint as it’s the most environmentally friendly, low odour spray paint on the market. It uses sugar cane to replace petroleum-based solvents to have the lowest impact on people’s health and the environment! 

The community has warmly accepted the painted bollards, and business owners that were watching the team paint thanked us for ‘adding a bit of colour to the street’. They’ve even appeared on Instagram with the caption ‘Someone good or some good people are painting all the bollards on #EastStreet different shades of #green. So very #Bristol but also very pleasing to the eye”.  We had one little girl shout “I LOVE IT”. We love it too!

Community Events

Luckwell Park Community Fair

On Saturday 16 of May the Do15 Creative Outreach team headed to Luckwell Park Community Fair Day in Bedminster to meet local residents and gain pledges for their Do15 Green Capital projects. The park was full to bursting with families as they were all involved in creating hanging baskets to mark out new walking routes around Bedminster. Chalk Drawing on the playing fields was a popular activity as well as Hula-Hooping. So many pieces of bunting were made and it was a great experience to be involved in such a well-run event.

Thanks to Phil Hinchcliffe and Sarah Jessie Peyton for allowing the team to be part of the event.

Make Sunday Special Bedminster

The Do15 team had a lovely day at MSS in Bedminster which was incredibly busy with lots of families out to see the live music and activities. They loved the hay bales and the Billy Cart Races along the street and almost forgot they were in the middle of a bustling neighbourhood! The team set up a stall where young people of all ages could design a bollard on to paper. There were lots of awesome designs but only 12 made it onto the bollards.