Do15 - Filwood, Knowle and Windmill Hill

The Do15 Creative Outreach Team worked with Tim from Earth Wired, a local landscape and community artist to build an Amphitheatre for Springfield Allotments. The team also worked with the young people from Youth Moves to create mosaic signage for the amphitheatre.

Young Bristol as the Do15 Creative Outreach Team linked up with Youth Moves Charity to develop an area of Springfield Allotments with their Urban Escape group. The young people who make up Urban Escape have been designing and building on the site to produce a beautiful Round House but still have big plans to build poly-tunnels, a BBQ area and a wild orchard.

The Do15 team provided some funding to help support the construction of an amphitheatre and also ran a number of creative sessions to make colourful Mosaic lettering to be installed on the build. This area has the potential to open up for public events for the local community.

With support from Local business’ Topps Tiles and Kellaway Building Supplies the team are glad to support the development of the allotment.

Community Event

Redcatch Funday

The Fun Day at Redcatch park was really busy! The Do15 team had a great view of the Dog Show and caught some of the traditional Maypole dancing. Thanks to all the people who came to find out more about the Green Capital Award and make their pledges... The puzzle piece is looking great. Unfortunately neither Becky nor Faye got round to entering the ‘Loveliest Girls’ competition... Better luck next time!