Do15 - Cabot, Clifton and Clifton East

With local residents the Do15 team painted games, a safe cycle path and flowers to help transform the Cumberland Piazza in Hotwells.

The Do15 Creative Outreach Team helped in the transformation of Cumberland Piazza on Sunday 5 of June with Art Under The Flyover. It’s was a Neighbourhood Partnership Arts project for the unloved and underused area under the Cumberland flyover.

The team painted floor games that included a 3 way hop scotch and exercise trail, a safe cycle path and lots of flowers to help turn the Piazza into a multi use play area. The paint used was temporary organic paint from Ecos Organics and even some members of the community came and helped. The results are fantastic and as soon as it was dry, young people were using the floor markings to play.

While the team were painting there was also a special bike and skateboarding event that encouraged young people to get involved with the transformation plans and to have a say in the regeneration of the area. Bristol-based BMX champion Matti Hemmings was showing off his skills and a young Doctor Bike was on hand to repair and help with all things cycling. Canvas Spaces were asking what people want from a new skate and sports space for the area… It was a fantastic day!

It was in collaboration with the artist Anna Wilson’s ‘Shared Communities’ events in which she hopes to create sustainable models for residents in the area and was part of a wider initiative to creatively engage all of Bristol’s neighbourhoods during the green capital year.

Community Event

Harbour Festival

Young Bristol were delighted to have been named ‘Charity of the Year’ by Bristol Harbour Festival 2015 and the team were out in force fundraising and raising awareness of the work and activities we run as a charity.

The #do15 Creative Outreach Team were in attendance with their bunting making activity, the Pledge Button and also our jigsaw pieces, once again collecting people’s personal pledges to be more ‘Green’ in 2015.  As you can see from the photos – many a pledge was made!

It was fantastic to have a variety of Bristol residents coming to chat to us about what they could do to be more sustainable and discussions that we had with parents, children, young people and interested parties were fruitful in helping us think about ways we could be better to the environment. The sun was shining, the music pumping and everyone was positive about engaging in Green Capital.  

Thanks Harbour Festival – we look forward to being a part of your wonderful event next year.

Make Sunday Special - City Centre

The sun was out and the streets were busy for our Do15 team – thanks to all the people who joined them to make a pledge and help with their giant puzzle design at the city centre event. Hope you enjoyed Bristol Samba Band as much as we did! Well done to Young Bristol Artist and volunteer Angela for bringing in the crowds and supporting us at the event.

Festival Of Nature

What a fantastic turn out at the Festival of Nature this year! The Do15 team were lucky enough to be sharing a huge tent with Bristol2015 who were running lots of activities on the themes of Green Capital from designing wind farms & making plantable seed paper. There were lots of new and creative ideas for being Green, needless to say our Green European volunteer Konstantina was really impressed.