Do15 - Brislington

The Do15 Team have been working in partnership with LPW and the ‘Improve Eastwood Road Play Park’ working group to run creative consultation sessions with young people who use the park space.

The Creative Outreach Team visited Eastwood Road Play Park on three occasions when LPW ran Play session to gain young people’s opinions of the space and what they would like to see changed.  We employed the use of Photography, drawing and model-making to gain young people’s thoughts about the space and get them to visualise what their ‘Dream Play Space’ would look like.  We are currently designing an artwork that shows all of the young people’s designs that will be displayed in the local community.

Community Event

St Anne's Community Festival

The team attended the St Anne’s Community Festival day on a hot sunny day in July and were asking people to pledge something ‘green’ and transfer it to the bunting and puzzle piece. They also utilised the event to meet with local members of the community to gather their thoughts on a potential project that we could run in the area as part of #Do15 Creative Outreach.