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Who are we

At PICS Telecom, sustainability is not a goal, but an integral part of our business.

We are a multinational, privately owned corporation whose European headquarters are located in Bristol. Our business consists of helping communications companies identify their network assets and provide them with business solutions so they can reuse and resell these assets, which means new equipment does not need to be manufactured. If reusing or reselling is not possible, PICS Telecom recycles equipment to recover precious metals and avoid dumping them in a landfill. In June 2015, our Bristol facility recycled 22 tonnes of non-resalable electronics equipment, and achieved a 98% recycling rate, which means that of the 22 tons only .44T went to a landfill. Our goal is to get as close to a zero landfill rate as possible by achieving a 100% recycling rate. In order to obtain our goal PICS’ has implemented the highest environmental certifications: ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001-2004.

PICS Telecom engages in what is called “urban mining”, that is, extracting elements from electronic waste that would otherwise be left on landfills to decompose and pollute. According to, worldwide generation of ewaste is expected to grow by 93.5 tons in 2016[1], therefore, it has become clear that we as a society are producing more electronic goods than we can dispose of, with the sad consequence that many of them end up in landfills. PICS helps minimize this trend by encouraging businesses manage the equipment they already have (by reusing, reselling or recycling it) instead of investing in new assets, and in the process we are also able to offer cost savings to our customers and identify new revenue streams.

While maintaining the legacy networks prevents the need for newly manufactured equipment, there are instances when power needed to run and cool the legacy systems may not be sustainable. Many businesses have aged, idle networking equipment that sit powered on consuming large amounts of energy which in turn increases their CO2 emissions. PICS Telecom provides business solutions; to identify what assets our customers have and then work closely with them to decide how to best use their assets. While most decisions are financially driven, the PICS model by definition ends up making our customers more sustainable.

PICS Telecoms is currently working with several telecommunications carriers in the United Kingdom to help them become more efficient and to lower their carbon footprint as they reduce their network footprint.

Our sustainability business solutions

PICS Telecom provides modular, customizable network operations services including:

  • Site survey: PICS’ technical teams are sent to site to identify and inventory network assets, providing detailed reporting back to the customers.
  • De-installations: PICS de-installation service ensures a safe and careful removal of equipment from live telecoms environments.
  • Site collections: Handling the logistics of collections allows for timely identification of network assets so they can be redeployed, sold or recycled.
  • Asset management: Identifying and communicating what carriers have allows them to reuse equipment they already own and dispose of what they no longer need.
  • Storage and re-deployment: Our specialty is properly identifying and handling network equipment. Our rigid handling processes, proprietary inventory management system, secure warehousing and technically trained staff make PICS a cost effective solution for resource constrained organizations or outsourcing to costly “big box” logistics companies.
  • Reselling: PICS boasts the most experienced, global sales team in the industry providing the quickest and highest ROI.
  • Recycling: PICS recycles equipment that is not suitable to be re-deployed or resold, safely and responsibly.
  • Logistics: Our Global Logistics Team handles all cross-border requirements: customs, excise, tax, duty clearance, even manage exports from hostile areas.

At PICS Telecom, sustainability is what we provide. Our mission is to contribute to social equity, economic prosperity and the protection of the environment in Bristol.




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