Call of the Brave

Call of the Brave's mission is to change the Fashion Industry one tee shirt at a time. Following the Rana Plaza building disaster in Bangladesh, in April 2013, which killed over 1100 garment workers, founder Dave Martin decided to put his love of tee shirts and web design skills to good use.

The Green Capital means that Bristol can make a real difference to the Sustainability of the World - we owe it to our children to make Bristol a better place.

Anyone with an idea for a design (or a logo) can upload their image to the website, set a price and start a time-limited campaign in which they must try to get enough pre-orders to make production viable. Successful images are printed on tee shirts that are Fairwear Foundation certified, so we know garment workers are paid a living wage and work in decent conditions. Designers are incentivised by a big chunk of the profits - it's a no risk way of trying out designs, and we also give them an online portfolio and access to a great community. It's a model that should grow organically as we incentivise people sharing on social media sites.

We use Organic Cotton picked in Monsoon rain affected areas, as Cotton is a thirsty crop this doesn't have a negative impact like we see in some areas (Aral Sea). We also print on Bamboo shirts and a Salvage range, made from 100% recycled materials.

When we send out a tee shirt we do so in a box that fits through a letterbox that the customer pays a deposit for. We ask that the customer sends back an old tee shirt when they return the box. We upcycle what comes back, and sell, or give away what we make.

We have soft launched the MVP at Bristol's Big Green Week FareFashion event and are getting a lot of love for the site, and more importantly, we're printing and getting pre-orders for tee shirts! Be brave - wear the change you want to see in the World.


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