Bristol Cycling Campaign

Cycling is great for Bristol, let's make Bristol great for cycling!

Cycling in Bristol is quick, cheap and pollution-free—why don't more people do it?

Shifting from cars to bikes cuts congestion and improves people's health—why is investment so low?

More trips are by bike in Bristol than in any other major UK city and thousands of others are out on their bikes every day. There are tens of thousands more who would join us, but they need to be confident that it's safe and easy: where is the comprehensive cycling network for Bristol covering every road and street?

Bristol Cycling Campaign wants a future where Bristol and the surrounding areas are alive with people on cycles, because cycling is so easy that everyone does it. Our communities will be happier, healthier, greener and more civilised.

We work to create a vibrant and inclusive cycling culture by challenging and transforming the status quo. We will inspire and empower people who share our vision, press for enhanced investment on cycling and be a strong voice for everyone who wants to cycle.


c/o Roll for the Soul
Quay Street


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