Do15 - Avonmouth and Kingsweston

To celebrate 150 years of Avonmouth, members of the public were invited to paint a large paint-by-number mural outlining the history of the village during the Make Sunday Special event.

The Do15 Creative Outreach team initially engaged with Avon Loud Mouth, a group of young people who attend Avonmouth Community Centre. They came up with some fantastic ideas for the mural and shared with the team the things they liked growing up in Avonmouth. The do15 team visited Lee Hutchinson at M Shed for further research and used online resources such as Know Your Place to create the information board. Local talented illustrators Hannah Bailey and Aidan Meighan created the paint by number outlines to help share the incredible history. People of all ages came to help paint from 3 to 85 years old, including people who have just moved to the area and others who have been in Avonmouth for over 70 years! The final location of the mural is yet to be decided but will be installed somewhere in the Avonmouth community.

Community Event

Lawrence Weston Fair 27th July

The weather was fantastic at the Lawrence Weston Fair, set in the beautiful green space of Oasis Long Cross Primary School. The do15 team met lots of members of the community to talk about the Green Capital Award. Lots of ice cream was eaten and they had some real masterpieces created on the bunting flags. Lots of families pledged to recycle more this year and also to walk instead of taking the car!