Bristol 2015 end of year report to Bristol City Council

Securing the resources to deliver Bristol ambitions

A record amount of funding was secured for Bristol’s year as European Green Capital, the largest amount ever raised by a European Green Capital city.

Bristol City Council was the first organisation to pledge financial support to Bristol’s year as European Green Capital. A commitment of £1 million was made at a Cabinet meeting of Bristol City Council on 27 June 2013.

This document has been specially produced by Bristol 2015 Ltd for Bristol City Council. It aims to set out clearly and visibly thefollowing four elements related to this:

1) The additional funding for the year that the Council’s commitment leveraged to enable a programme of activity in line with the city’s ambitions

2) The Bristol 2015 Ltd company and programme activities that the Council’s commitment enabled during the year, as agreed with Bristol City Council

3) An overview of what was delivered under each activity heading

4) The total assets that Bristol City Council will receive from Bristol 2015 Ltd on 31 March 2016

The full document is available to download below

Bristol City Council £1m Investment Report from Bristol 2015 Ltd.pdf (5.3 MB)